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Symphony's biodegradable disposable products can reach full biological degradation within 2 to 5 years.
The polyolefin products become organically biodegradable when the d2w additive is added to them.
Our products include cutlery, drinking cups, plates of various sizes, household & public garbage bags, food bags, tablecloths and more.
Symphony products are made by the best manufacturers in Israel, each product is being tested for biodegradation at Symphony's laboratories in England and they all meet the ASTM 6954 standards [BSI4872. and other standards].
Among our clients are clients of private & institutional market such as Healthcare services, Sano, Graffiti, IKEA and municipalities.

We at EKO-Eli Amir Ltd. would be happy to see you join our clients and enjoy our commitment for high quality products and service

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