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    EKO SAVE ™ purging materials allow switching color or material quickly and efficiently and improve the production process in plastic industry.

Our objective is to reach ongoing satisfaction of our customer using a high quality product and efficient and personal service.

Since the year 2000 we have been focused on improving the value and quality of our products and service to our customers around the world.

EKO SAVE ™ products are developed in high level laboratories and produced with the most advanced production means. We see our goal as providing solutions to the increasing complexity of demands, to comply with new materials and production methods  in the thermo-plastic industry.

Our products' purging process is mainly mechanic, by very efficiently scraping, adsorbing and residues of polymers, pigments and ash.

The materials are mildly abrasive, non harmful for either machines of men in long term usage.

EKO SAVE ™ products easily clean themselves out of the machine, and we also recommend to shut down production lines with EKO SAVE ™ purging material in the machine when stopping production.

All EKO SAVE ™ products have REACH and FDA certification.

We invite you to join our happy customers around the world, and we pledge to do our best to keep you always happy.

Eli Amir. CEO




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